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Akashic Records A Dimension of Consciousness Awareness The Book of Life Archive of the Soul The term Akasha, is an ancient Sanskrit word that means, ether or sky; it is the primary substance out of which, all things are formed. The scripture of many religions refer to “God's Book,” “His Records,” and “The Book of Life,” each of these terms indicate reference to the Akashic Records. For centuries these records were accessible by only a select few. As an Advanced Certified Akashic Records Practitioner, I am able to access your 'soul blueprints,' (Akashic Records) and help you discover who you are from your soul's perspective. The Akashic Records, contain a vibrational record of every soul and its journey throughout the course of its existence. The Records are a body of knowledge that contain every action, thought, response and emotion that has ever been experienced throughout the entirety of its incarnations. Each one of us is an infinite, eternal being. The purpose of the soul's journey is to move from one lifetime to another, learning lessons that take us to a greater understanding of self love, awareness and a higher level of consciousness. The soul is perfection; there isn't anyone or anything that can ever put out the light of your soul. Do you ever wonder how, why or what keeps you locked in a particular pattern? Do you have difficulties with seemingly unfounded fears or blockages that you can't free yourself from? In an Akashic Records Consultation, we will engage in a casual and enlightening conversation between you, your Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones. A Consultation will help assist you with healing ancestral patterns and the impact a particular past life may have on your current incarnation. You will have the opportunity to ask questions that will facilitate and bring clarity to your daily life. An Akashic Records Consultation will provide the opening that allows you to shift “your personal grid,” accepting healthier choices, creating more favourable patterns and releasing the limiting thoughts and behaviours that hold you back from achieving the life that you desire. The Records offer you wisdom that can benefit you in the weeks & months to come.