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Debbie is excited to bring to you a two part weekend at Akashic Ranch And Crystals & Curiousities Cabin, Campbell Range Road,Monte Creek, Kamloops BC V2C July 15, 2017 - Speak of SpiritDebbie will speak about the Spirit world, offer a Q & A period, then deliver clear messages from Spirit to those in the group. Debbie will speak about the Spirit world, have a Question & Answer period and then deliver clear message to those in the crowd July 16, 2017 - Simply Energy Workshop with Debbie Hayler Have you ever thought about the energy around us, what it means and how to work with it? Join me on a journey of love and enlightenment, bringing all the pieces together, working alongside with Universal Energy and Spirit. This will be the beginning of a wonderful journey, working with your Chakras and your own Soul Energy. With the help of the amazing energy at Akashic Ranch, everything is possible! Location: Akashic Ranch - direction and maps found at Speak Of Spirit: 1:00pm to 3:00pm Admission Fee: $40.00 per person Ticket Sales at: Eventbrite (Click Here) Energy Workshop: 1:00pm to 3:00pm Admission Fee: $40.00 per person Ticket Sales at: Eventbrite (Click Here) You may attend only one or both workshops. Ticket sales will be available for both workshops until the evening the night before if you choose to attend Sunday's workshop last minute. What to bring: Bring a lunch,wear layers, bring your folding chairs, blankets, yoga mats, pillows and sun protection. We will be sitting outdoors with the sunshine or inside the arena if the weather is disagreeable. Please arrive a half hour early.​Blessings to all and see you there
Akashic Ranch Speak Of Spirit​ - July 15, 2017 Simply Energy Workshop - July 16, 2017