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Akashic Records Readings are now offered at Debbie's Sanctuary Akashic Records A Dimension of Consciousness Awareness The Book of Life Archive of the Soul The Akashic Records are a vibrational energy field that hold every thought, action and emotion your soul has ever experienced throughout its entire journey, in all incarnations. The Pathway Prayer Process, allows access to a new and higher dimension of consciousness. Suggestions: Consider what you would like clarity on (write it down) in your life Avoid “Yes, No or When” questions; remember you have free will What, Why & How questions work best while working within the Akasha What to expect: The opportunity to look at “your” life's journey from the perspective of your soul (the Records of another will NOT be looked at during your reading) Clarity for the “How, Why & What” that keeps you seemingly locked in a particular pattern Discover past lives that may be affecting who you are today Energy within the Akashic Records moves on the spoken word. Be prepared to discuss your questions and life patterns Currently booking readings Fridays and weekday evenings. Please email us to book your private consultation at Debbies Sanctuary, to access the heart of your Akashic Records Sandy is a Certified Advanced Akashic Records Practitioner, certified by Linda Howe of The Linda Howe Center for Akashic Studies $130 for a 1 hour session
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Please note: until further notice, Sandy is unable to accept appointments for readings