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About Darlene
Peaceful Body Awareness/Energy Healing/Flower Essence Therapies/-Self Care Guide & Workshops I have a Child-like heart  that has integrated life skills and the healing arts  to enable you to be your  authentic self. Just as authentic self reads, it is being true to your desires and who you truly are when you feel your best. Knowing who you are will pave the future, not where you are coming from. Who are you? You are love. I want you to know that on my healing journey I have understood many parts of me. I have learned to love my shadows and my light. I can explain that to you in one of my classes. Since I was five years old I would play in the yard and try to make flower essences without knowing what I was doing. I have always had a strong intuition and didn’t understand it when I was quit young. My mother passed away  to a tragic death and I felt so much confusion  but, I when I would go for walks in nature a calm would come over me .I realized the power of nature from a young age. It is my quest to honor our environment, nature elements and all beings with love and care. Many years after studying  life sciences, healing plants and flowers, esthetics ,laser skin care,reiki techniques, reflexology techniques massage and energy healing I have come back to where I began as a child’s heart integrating flower essences and energy work. I am here to support your journey through an intuitive/Empathic/Energy Healing by listening to what you and your body is saying. Through quiet time you can explore the healing energy ,relaxation techniques, breath work, flower essences and sound therapies that can signal to your body a peaceful realm. I see you, I hear you and I feel what you are saying. I invite you to take time for you, as I am sure you are a caregiver in some form . I am here to gently remind you to know your own body and to learn to listen to your body. I am here to create a space for your relaxation. Everyone needs respite, just like healthy food is to a body to rejuvenate the cells. Also, join me in classes that I offer on understanding the importance authentic foods, authentic love and authentic you practices through nature talks. I wish you love from within and out to others.