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Energy Healing Sessions
Energy Healing and Consultations now available at Debbies Sanctuary
What is Energy Healing? Energy healing is a light and energy field that guides me in sensing the body on an intuitive level. I combine energy healing with holistic services  to care and help balance the body. Pain to Relief Stress to Stillness Depression to Optimism Exhaustion to Vitality What to expect? Through a session, my heart-centered guidance can guide me to assist you in improving energy levels, let go of anxiety that may be showing up in your body, help reduce tightness and melt away your thoughts. Your mind & body will thank you, as you feel inspired, supported, acknowledged into a journey of heart-focused discovery of energy healing. When the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual can come together in peace and harmony, this can lead to enriched body rejuvenation and a state of wellbeing. I can be your support through holistic services, energy healing and flower essence remedies. What are Flower Essences? Flower essences are a vibrational/electromagnetic pattern of a flower placed in water. There is no fragrance to flower essences. Flower essences address physical, mental, spiritual and emotional imbalances beneath the symptoms.
Holistic Services offered by Darlene Toning/Sounding Crystal Healing Energy Energy Field Clearing Chakra Balancing  Intuitive Relaxation massage Manual Lymphatic Massage Aromatherapy Massage Reflexology Facial Massage & Crystal Rejuvenation
What Are Flower Essences Consultations? Discuss what kind of help you would like from the essences Choose the essences that connect to your needs and support system needed Explain the essences and how they connect to what you may need help with and why Explain instructions applications and uses of your essences
Session Costs Customized healing energy session 1 hour  $100- 1 ½ hour $150- Flower Essence Consultations 45min-  $75- Cash only accepted at present for these services Disclaimer Holistic Services/Energy Healing & Flower Essences are to support the healing of certain symptoms and are not a substitute for medical care. Consult a qualified health-care professional for all medical problems.
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