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Introduction to Crystal Bowls and Smudging Workshop
The Road to Health and Happiness Every area of your life is influenced by the 7 main energy Chakras in your body. This workshop is a great introduction that offers you a unique way to Balance and Heal Chakras to keep you in tip top condition. You will balance and restore good health to the body, relieve stress and anxiety, empower yourself and others, vitalize the physical body and bring about the development and awareness of the self-consciousness bringing mental, emotional and spiritual balance. In order to manage your energy effectively, it’s important that you understand how it works before you can transform it. One of the best ways to access this knowledge is by understanding your energy centres or your chakras. Use of Crystal Singing Bowls is a form of energy healing that focuses on channeling energy into the seven chakras. Each chakra is associated with aspects of our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. The aim of this workshop is to Introduce you to the benefits of Crystal Bowl tones to help release energetic blockages and promote the good flow of energy and to harness optimum health for you to live your life in complete health and happiness. Smudging will also be discussed on the benefits of this process to aid in removing/releasing negative energies around us in everyday life. I look forward to meeting you at my Workshop
Dates and Times: Wednesday 16th October 2019. 6:30pm to 9:00pm Location: Debbies Sanctuary Teacher: Debbie Cost of Workshop is $75 + GST (non -refundable) *Should the workshop be cancelled by Debbie then a full refund will be issued.