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Debbie shall be offering appointments to clients from the cancellation list When appointments with Debbie become available then clients from the cancellation list will be e-mailed with dates and times available. (this will often be at short notice). Should you wish to be placed on our cancellation list, please click on ‘Contact us’ tab and submit form. All readings are via Video Conferencing using ZOOM.US Readings are one-on-one and approx 1 hour. Cost is $230 + gst (payable via Pay Pal at time of booking) Multiple family members are to book seperate days for each member of the family. Minimum age for any reading is 21 years old. Clients are encouraged to record their own readings. Debbies Sanctuary shall not be held responsible if any recording should fail to record during the video conference of the reading or meeting. Minimum recommendation of 18 months between return appointments is advised. If you wish to cancel a reading appointment, a minimum of 72 hours notice via email to is required so this may give us adequate time to fill the appointment. No refunds or transfers are given when cancellation notification received is less than 72 hours of your appointment date and time.
Please note: if there are no times displayed to the right of the calendar for the current month or following month then there are currently no appointments available. Please subscribe to our mailing/cancellation list to be notified of upcoming appointments and events.
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