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Individual Readings with Debbie All appointment requests are now via online calendar. Click TAB ‘how to book a reading’ for more info. All readings are 1 on 1 for approx 1 hour . $185 + GST. Clients may bring their own recording device. i.e. Cell phone etc. Minimum age for any readings at Debbies Sanctuary is 21 years old. Debbies Sanctuary is not held responsible if recording should fail due to technical or mechanical failure of recording equipment. Availability for Debbie’s reading appointments are updated weekly, usually over weekend, Please check online calendar reguarly for appointments or cancellations that come available. Calendar will display first available appointment - if no available appointments are displayed then all appointments have been filled. Recheck frequently to see if any slots open up due to cancellations Information on Booking appointments with Debbie Minimum recommendation of 1 year between return appointments is advised and appointment requests maybe refused if less than 1 year since last appointment I read most Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and the occasional Monday or Friday. I do not read on Weekends as I need to relax. Appointment times available on those days will be 10am, 11 am, 12 noon, 2pm or 3pm. All readings are approx 1 hour. Please read the following prior to booking an appointment Please make a note of your appointment date and time as we are unable to guarantee to give you a reminder call. You are required to confirm your appointment 5 to 3 days prior to the appointment date. If you have supplied us an email or text then you will receive an email/text 5 days prior to your appointment. If we do not receive confirmation to this reminder, your appointment may be forfeited and passed to another client. If you wish to cancel an appointment, a minimum of 72 hours notice is required so this may give us adequate time to possibly fill the appointment for someone else, who has been waiting a considerable time. (Your consideration is appreciated). Failure to give adequate notice may result in the cancellation of any other appointments you have booked and a non-refundable pre-payment will be required for future appointments you book. If you wished to be placed on our cancellation / mailing list please click on ‘Subscribe Tab’
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