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Individual Readings with Bonnie Bonnie will now be offering readings here on Thursday evenings. Please book via our online calendar to schedule your reading. The cost with Bonnie is only $120.00 cash for the hour. The taxes are already included in this price. Bonnie’s readings with you will include your Palm and Tarot as well as messages that she writes down. We wanted to give you a brief introduction to her and we encourage you to schedule a reading. Bonnie was born with her gift however she was afraid of it and did not embrace it until 2010. She has been doing palm readings every now and then for the past 20 years but since totally accepting her gift, she now offers many different divinations. Bonnie came to Debbie’s Sanctuary back in 2011, seeking guidance and assistance on expanding her gift. She realized she was doing readings based on raw talent alone and wanted to learn as much as she could to improve and help her clients in the best way possible. She has taken all of Debbie’s Spiritual Growth classes and her Tarot card class. She uses the same deck as Debbie but in her own way. Bonnie is looking forward to her continued journey with Debbie and is very excited for the opportunity to be working with her. Bonnie is truly a wonderfully gifted psychic reader who cares about you and people. Every reading is still very exciting for Bonnie. She loves watching her clients’ amazement with her accuracy and insights. You may leave your session feeling motivated to make some solid positive changes in your life. You may feel validated and understood, or you may even have some direction you needed. Bonnie finds that some clients need more guidance than others. She will receive more messages for those people. Other clients may find they will just get a lovely fun reading that validates their choices. Each reading is unique and is solely based on you and where you are in your life. Bonnie is looking forward to meeting with you. Palm Reading - The lines in your hands are like the pathways to your soul. They communicate who you are, what you’ve overcome and your potential life path based on your current situation. Tarot Card Reading- Not your typical Tarot Cards. Bonnie taps into her own intuition and receives help from her guardian angels (spirit guides) to give you messages you truly need to hear.
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