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Passion in Nature’s Elements
Passion In Nature’s Elements This workshop is Hosted by Darlene, our resident Healer at Debbies-Sanctuary What is your nature within? What’s your passion today? Do you trickle or flow in life? This course is an intro to nature’s elements; Earth, Fire, Water, & Air What do you choose to resonate with? What are your needs and desires in life? Nature and elements within each of us, can lead us to empowerment if we understand ourselves and apply it. Learn how flower essences tie into how nature speaks. Let explore the magic of life and nature as a group. Let us receive insight and inspiration through the soul’s journey as we relate . Key topics/Outline of how elements play a role in natures essence Heart of Earth Creativity & Passion Intellect &Inspiration/Imagination- renewal Emotion
Date: TBA in New Year Times: 11:00 am - 2:00 pm  Location : at the store  Cost $100 + gst    pre registration deposit of $50 + gst  Deposit non-refundable as spacing is limited    If Debbie’s Sanctuary  has to cancel the course then a full a full refund will be issued
Quote Today I love- “’ Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature” By: Gerard De Nerval