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Reading with Debbie at present will be via Video Conference meetings using ZOOM.US app. Zoom is available for most devices , including Windows and Mac desktop/laptop computers, IOS (apple devices) and Android devices. If using Desktop or Laptop computers then web cam is required. microphone is not essential as there will be a telephone number supplied to dial into, if you prefer this. Upon your confirmation of appointment you will be sent a web link with date and time of meeting. click on this link just before meeting time and this will take you to the meeting. Debbie will join and host the meeting at your appointment time. Upon clicking link , Zoom will automatically be installed on your device if not already installed. You are not required to sign up to use this App program. On entering meeting please ensure your video and and audio is active. Debbie will let you know if it is not , when she joins meeting. All readings are recorded , during the meeting you may request to have recording stopped or paused. Also Debbie may pause or stop recording if she feels it is appropriate to do so. With in 72 hours after meeting you shall be emailed a link where you will be able to listen to your reading and download the audio file (not all devices may let you download ) This link will be available to you for a further 5 days.
Similarly, if you are a mobile user, the meeting should open inside the Zoom app as soon as it is installed. If that does not happen, you can click on the invite link again and you will be directly taken to the Zoom app.
Grant the necessary permissions to the Zoom app to use your camera and microphone in order to get started and join the meeting.
 In case, when you have previously set up the Zoom app on your phone or the software on your PC, or you have logged in through the website, you can simply join a meeting by clicking on the Invite link. Easy, right?
Example below
Should you wish to download Zoom prior to meeting. click on following link
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